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A Birthday Note

October 17, 2016

My oldest daughter is one of the many lights in my life. This lovely birthday tribute had me bawling like a baby.

you mean what i know

Well, Moma… it’s your birthday. OH MY GOSH YOU DIDN’T KNOW? Sure is, and my pleasure as your middle kiddo is to ensure you feel a burst a love today.

I know I normally write a little status but what I have to say today goes a little longer and you deserve a blog post of your own.

So, fuck. I’m so proud of you. What you have done with  your life is down right amazing and I’m not sure how aware you are of this fact. I look around at the life I’ve built for myself and I know the foundation, I never have to test its sturdy platform, I’ll never second guess the support it offers. Your support.

You see, I can accomplish anything with the support you’ve given me. The creative channels you’ve kept alive and satiated have grounded me on a path that never surprises me.

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Grand Opening!

August 25, 2016

We are starting to spruce up the joint, selecting vendors and stocking treasures.

Please follow us on Facebook or Instagram for all updates and sneak peeks in the coming weeks!

New Adventure!!!

July 27, 2016

We will be opening a vintage store in the historic Casa View Shopping Center.

Milestones Abound!

May 29, 2016

This month of May 2016 has been full of milestones for our little estate sale biz.

We completed our 30th sale which happily turned out to be our most profitable to date.

Our lovely clients did exactly what we advise everyone: “don’t throw away anything”.


We were so very pleased and enjoyed our work on this sale!!!

When Clay and I started this chapter in our lives two years ago today, never would I have imagined the things we have seen. Beautiful time capsule homes filled with historical treasures, kitsch and more.

Thank you to all our customers, plus family and friends that have supported us. Here’s to another year of fun!!!

Funny finding you here…..

February 24, 2016

Clay and I got started on our new estate sale yesterday and soon found out we were not alone. (Not the first time)
Clay was yanking stuff out of the attic and I’m staging and sorting as he is tossing it all down. Every time I go by one spot in the garage I smell that smell, the smell that tells you there use to be something living but no longer.
Finally a glance in the right direction with less shadows reveals our long gone visitor.


I squeal like a girl and run in the house. Clay is all like what!?!? I’m pointing and dancing in place from the kitchen doorway, “use your words” he says, I finally squeak out “under the box”.


What we can’t figure out is how he ended up folded over the rung of a ladder.


Clay, ever the dutiful Knight In Shining Armor disposed of the poor fellow and work continued sorting out treasures.
Never a dull moment for Honey Stop The Car, Beep Beep!

A Resolution…..Finally

February 21, 2016

There has finally been a breakthrough on a long standing stalemate between the Hubby and I!!!!


This door has been a pain in my backside for almost four years. When it should be opened it is closed, when it should be closed it is open. When you need in the pantry there it is blocking your entry. When you need to see out of the kitchen there it is blocking the view. I’m sure there was a valid reason to put a door here 50 years ago when our lovely mid-century ranch was built but I honestly have no clue what that reason is.
I took wonderful advice to heart years ago about living with what you don’t like for a little, you may find a reason to love it. This has come true several times over the last few years. But not this! We have had numerous conversations (arguments) about this door. It has been slammed more than any other door in my whole life.
Well today the subject came up again and after a few moments of tense discussion we avoided a death match and finally have a solution!!! 😀 While it won’t happen today or even next week, it will happen and the door will be gone!!!!


Oh for everything I love about our home, I can’t wait till it is gone!!!

The rewards we get from our work.

February 23, 2015

We enjoy what we do. We enjoy working together (most of the time), we meet great people, learn a little about a family’s history and get to hang out in some cool houses. That’s not to say it is all fun and games – it is a job, after all.

But now and then, we get to be a part of something really fulfilling. That is the case with our most recent sale. In addition to having a wonderful and appreciative client, we were reminded that good things come from finding a new home for a family’s possessions. pianofordonation

This lovely lady got a great deal on a Baldwin piano. It won’t be going to her home though. She paid for it to be trucked to the VA hospital where her daughter will be playing it when she sings for the veterans staying there. This piano was once used for hours of practice and accompaniment of family carols at Christmas, it will now help to bring a little joy to hospitalized veterans. So much better than just letting a musical instrument gather dust in the corner.

babyclothesThese old baby clothes might not hold a lot of interest to anyone except a new mother or a grandmother. But to one shopper, the colors, textures and patterns of the clothes made them ideal to use to for quilting. We always look favorably on crafty shoppers that reuse or repurpose old items rather than letting them go to waste, but this instance was even more gratifying to us. This shopper’s mother will be creating beautiful quilts from the clothes for a charity. The charity will then give the quilts to families that are suffering through a serious illness or loss of a loved one. Comforters, indeed.

We really enjoy hearing how our shoppers intend to use the items we sell them – it makes our job even more rewarding.

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