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Richardson Estate Sale

July 27, 2014

We have a new estate sale coming up this Friday thru Sunday, August 1st – 3rd. There will be a packed garage full of power and hand tools, some hardly used. Furniture pieces that need TLC and some that are ready for use as is or upcycle with some paint slappin.

We have been working hard all week cleaning and prepping this sale for a retiree who is ready to hit the open road.

Clay and I hope you will come visit us and find a treasure or two for your home.




For more pics please go to

Learning Curve

July 7, 2014

Our first estate sale wasn’t a disaster but certainly wasn’t what we had hoped for our clients.  We worked really hard at organizing and pricing every little item (one of my pet peeves when I shop a sale). There were lots of compliments at how the sale was set up but not a lot of buyers.

Too close to a holiday weekend? Does rain really keep estate shoppers away? Not enough advertising? Who knows what the perfect formula is for a good turnout with folks spending money.

With help from family and friends we made it through despite the rain and the low turnout and we appreciate the confidence our clients had in us to handle their loved ones treasures.

Stay tuned and follow along for our next adventure and thanks for being here.



Introducing Honey Stop The Car Estate Sales

May 23, 2014






IMG_3408Clay and I are extremely excited (and maybe a bit out of our minds) to announce we are starting a new venture and jumping into the world of estate liquidation.

With 20 years of collecting, selling and estate sale shopping under our belts we can offer a client a great worry-free experience. We are abreast of the current trends and have a great following via social media. Clay and I have backgrounds in advertising (27 years) and accounting (20 years) which we believe adds to our abilities in marketing and conducting a successful sale.

We want our clients to be confident there will not be a single detail they will have to worry about. In addition to this husband and wife team, there will be trusted helpers, experienced housekeeping and security staff available as needed.

We are ready to take care of all your sale needs whether they be large or small, downsizing, relocation or total estate liquidation.

Honey Stop the Car Estate Sales, Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX and surrounding areas
Diane Godwin 972-358-5467
Clay Godwin 972-358-7046

The Glamorous Life Of A Picker……..NOT!!!!

April 29, 2014

Since we last visited, Clay and I have been pretty darn busy. We have had a few folks contact us to look at their treasures and we bought a few. Gloves, hats, clothes, linens and more! It has been so much fun for us to meet new people and I even got to help one lovely lady get started on setting up her own Etsy shop. FUN FUN FUN!

Then there was the manic flea we set up at last weekend. I will be honest, our flea selling experience has been limited and dismal. We tried our luck at f leas that once were THE places to sell at in this area, but sadly our experiences were much more trouble than they were worth. However,  I was thrilled to be invited to sell at  The Gypsy Wagon Swap and Flea — a  flea I had shopped at many times in the past. I knew most of the vendors either personally or followed on social media. Still there was that inner panic and anxiety. If we don’t do better at this flea, this is it, I won’t do anymore.

The full week before our flea date at The Gypsy Wagon Swap and Flea was a roller coaster of weather forecasting.  No rain, Yes rain — but just a small chance, rain all day — to the really ugly chance of severe weather. I was a nut case up until the powers that be finally decided the day before that the flea will go on as scheduled. OK, lets do this!

With one eye on the ever-changing forecast and the other on packing sorting and pricing, we got it done. Up early, we got the car packed, the truck packed and away we went.

Then I kid you not folks, within minutes of finishing our set up it came — the feared storms blew through and not just a little rain and wind, but hail, lightening, thunder, the whole shebang. QUICK, get it all under the canopy!!!!! Thank goodness Clay and I had good folks around us, we all helped move each other’s stuff and sat and waited and hoped we wouldn’t be swept away or sucked up into the clouds.

My anxiety meter went off the charts at this point and I was ready to pack it up to skulk back home. But Clay and all those around us convinced me to get through this and move on. So move we did, after that last drop fell we hauled it all back out. A few minutes later, the sun came out, the customers came and all was right with the world. We got to meet so many of the folks we love from social media, new folks and even an unexpected fellow classmate and workmate.

All in all, despite the hardship of the hottest day of the year — when it was time to pack up what was left, it was a huge success. Clay and I were exhausted and sunburned but exhilarated at the end of it all.

A huge thanks to Salvagenation for the reference and to the Gypsy Wagon for the invite to what turned out to be an awesome day for Honey Stop The Car Vintage.


The Slow Passing Of An Era

April 7, 2014



This morning we awoke to the passing of another Hollywood Icon. This one got me, I instantly started crying. Those Saturday afternoon showings of the Andy Hardy movies, his many appearances in other movies and the time my Dad took me to see the musical variety show “Sugar Babies” at Fair Park. Along with Mr. Rooney was the multi-talented Ann Miller. What a joy it was for the history of entertainment lover in me to see these two together.

So many of our entertainment icons are slowly slipping away and it saddens me. They truly broke the molds long ago. There will never be another like him and I mourn the passing of him and this era.

RIP Mr. Rooneymickey

My musical awakening

April 4, 2014


sylviaUPDATE: My cousin just posted an old pic on her Facebook page and unbeknownst to her I had written this blog. In the background was Sylvia!!! A flood of emotions rushed over me and I couldn’t wait to get home an update this blog.


Honey and I spend a lot of time looking for old albums at estate sales and thrift stores. We enjoy their rich sound (especially when the original owner took good care of them), the cover art and liner notes – all things that digital music collectors miss.

Several of our most recent acquisitions are albums by Julie London. We love her sultry voice and Honey seems to have some fascination with the sexy cover photos. Go figure.

Shaun CassidyIt got me thinking of the first albums I owned: The Commodores, Donny & Marie, Elton John’s Greatest Hits and Shaun Cassidy – Born Late. I was just entering a stage in my life when music became important to me and my friends. Everyone had their favorite band or singer. It was around the time we lost Elvis and then the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever came out.

I am proud of the fact that, as a middle schooler, I earned that album by the dreamy Shaun Cassidy. Sylvia, a very nice lady that lived next to my Aunt Nancy, owned a record shop in Vikon Village (a true flea market that I miss deeply). After her husband died, she needed help carrying boxes and with other chores around the shop. She paid me in records – mostly promotional copies that she got for free – and I couldn’t have been happier.

My musical tastes have matured since middle school, just like all of you. But, I enjoy that I can revisit those old days just by dropping the needle on one of my old albums.

Graceland Outside

August 16, 2013

My memories of this day in history, along with photos of my visit to Graceland back in January this year.

Thirty Six years ago this afternoon I was in our kitchen washing dishes, we had a little black and white tv in there and I was waiting for my afternoon shows to start.
Suddenly the banner and tone for breaking news popped in and my summer changed dramatically.
I was raised on Elvis music. As an adult I have realized for the most part there were Elvis folks and Beatles Folks, rarely did they intertwine. Our mother was a huge Elvis fan. We didn’t have a huge collection of albums, but what we did have were mostly Elvis.
Of course I started crying hysterically and my younger brother ran in from the other part of the house probably thinking I had impaled myself with a knife or worse. His reaction was “oh is that all”, too which I cried more hysterically.
My mother road the bus back and forth to work so I went down to the corner to wait for her arrival to break the news. Aside from the moon landing when I was about five years old this is the only time I recall news running non stop in our home. We stayed up late waiting for the special tribute show the network aired after local news.
I feel a bit guilty to this day because it was about a year before Elvis death that my mother had the chance to go see him live for the first time. I pitched such a fit at not getting to go that my mother gave up her ticket to someone else.
My first year of junior high started a few days after and I remember a friend having a copy of the Enquirer claiming to have a pic of Elvis in his casket.
So there you have my random memories from this day in history.
I never dreamed I would ever get to see Graceland. Many of my family members had, even my youngest got to see it before me. Well finally I got to cross it off my bucket list.
It was truly an emotional moment for me. Here are the pics I shot from the outside.



Elvis Presley Blvd

Elvis Presley Blvd

Front fixture

Front fixture



Memorial Garden 1

Memorial Garden 1

Memorial Garden 2

Memorial Garden 2

Memorial Garden 3

Memorial Garden 3

Side window

Side window

Front Wall

Front Wall


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