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Lake Highlands Estate Auction 

June 9, 2017

This auction is now open for bidding! Happy bidding and good luck!

Treasures dating back to the victorian era. Annalee Dolls, Antiques, Quilts and much more. Bidding begins July 10th and lots start to close at 8pm July 17th. Good luck to you all and happy bidding!

DeSoto Estate Auction 

May 24, 2017

We are prepping our current estate. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for up to the minute updates.

Casa Linda Estate Auction

May 10, 2017

Our auction is open for bidding! Toys, collectables and much more! Remember We Ship!!

Throwback Thursday

April 6, 2017

Back three years ago when Clay and I made the news without police being involved LOL

We have grown from online selling to local fleas to estate sale. Now we have a lovely shop in Casa View Shopping Center and offer many options for folks to sell their treasures.

Breaking News

March 29, 2017

Honey Stop The Car Vintage has a new way for ya’ll to purchase treasures.

We have become an affiliate of Texas Clix and will be bringing you lots of fun stuff via online auctions. The whole process is super easy!

Winning bidders pick up their treasures at a designated location or you can have your winnings mailed to you worldwide via Texas Clix.

Clay and I are looking forward to meeting ya’ll at the next auction Pickup.

This link takes you directly to our auction:

Good Luck!

RIP Chuck Berry

March 19, 2017

With the exception of Elvis the majority of my musical taste come from my Daddy. Waylon, Cash, Hank. One evening when I was around 10 years old Daddy wanted to show me something on TV.

For you young folks, keep in mind this is before VCR, DVR and YouTube. So I sat with Daddy infront of a little black and white TV, patiently waiting through an awards show, commercial breaks came and went. Then, there he was, Mr. Chuck Berry. I knew I had never seen or heard anything like him before. The sound and scooting across the stage while playing his guitar. What Was That!! My Daddy’s excitement and his joy of getting to share it with me made it all the more infectious.

This amazing talent is truly missed but the connection between a young girl and her Daddy will never fade.


March 11, 2017

I wasn’t aware of it till I had children of my own decades later, but 4th grade was a very important year for me.

This was the year I had one of the few teachers that got me or at the least realized that I didn’t learn in the same way as other kids. I joke that these days she would have likely got in trouble for some of the things she did to me and a couple other students.

Mrs Neighbors was a tiny little spitfire, the beginning of the school year she had a broken leg which I believe made her seem even more formidable. It certainly didn’t slow her down.

My parents were in the middle of a less than amicable divorce. Mrs Neighbors was made aware of this but instead of pity I was given encouragement. When I couldn’t sit still and concentrate she would put me under her desk. There I wasn’t staring off in space  or watching out the window at absolutely nothing. When I had to be in my desk and she caught me wondering off my nickname was Cricket (can’t sit down or shut up) or there was a flick of her finger against the top of my head.

Other teachers in my 12 years just threw up their hands. She doesn’t apply herself, she is lazy, if she would just pay attention. I get there wasn’t much awareness back then but thankfully there were a few that understood nit all children learn the same.

My appreciation for Mrs Neighbors is why our shop children’s room is named after her. I only saw her once after I left Casa View Elementary and I wish I had known then her impact on me at the time. She is gone now but maybe she knows.

Bryan Adams High School: Yearbook Ads from 1961 and 1962

March 5, 2017

The namesake of our boutique is mentioned in this wonderful blog.

Flashback : Dallas


by Paula Bosse

I love ads from high school yearbooks — especially when they feature students. Here are several from the Bryan Adams 1961 and 1962 yearbooks. (Click the ads to see larger images.)

Above, the J. C. Penney store in Casa View at 2596 Gus Thomasson. Great ad! (1962)

Below, Jackson’s Sporting Goods in Casa Linda. (1962)



Gingham Girl Dance Studio on Northwest Highway (“We Also Feature Baton Lessons”). (1961)



Lake Highlands Music Co. — guitar lessons by Ken Wheeler. (1961)



Casa Linda Barber Shop. (1962)



Ethel Shipp — female attire, from tots to teens and beyond; Casa Linda and Casa View. (1961)



Dallas Ice Arena — ice skating at Fair Park. (1962)



Cooter’s Village Camera Shop — Highland Park Village. (First ad 1961, second 1962)





Pop’s Spaghetti House (Frank Da Mommio and Pop Da Mommio), on Gaston, near Baylor. (1962)



Colbert’s in Casa Linda…

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Casa View Estate Sale

February 21, 2017

We start a new sale in Casa View tomorrow!!! I get so excited doing sales close to home 😊

Here is a link with details and pics!

Vintage Valentine’s Day 

February 3, 2017

Be it un-politically correct Valentine’s,

Vintage jewelry

Or a handmade gift. We have what you need at our shop in Casa View Shopping Center.

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