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RIP Chuck Berry

March 19, 2017

With the exception of Elvis the majority of my musical taste come from my Daddy. Waylon, Cash, Hank. One evening when I was around 10 years old Daddy wanted to show me something on TV.

For you young folks, keep in mind this is before VCR, DVR and YouTube. So I sat with Daddy infront of a little black and white TV, patiently waiting through an awards show, commercial breaks came and went. Then, there he was, Mr. Chuck Berry. I knew I had never seen or heard anything like him before. The sound and scooting across the stage while playing his guitar. What Was That!! My Daddy’s excitement and his joy of getting to share it with me made it all the more infectious.

This amazing talent is truly missed but the connection between a young girl and her Daddy will never fade.

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