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A Resolution…..Finally

February 21, 2016

There has finally been a breakthrough on a long standing stalemate between the Hubby and I!!!!


This door has been a pain in my backside for almost four years. When it should be opened it is closed, when it should be closed it is open. When you need in the pantry there it is blocking your entry. When you need to see out of the kitchen there it is blocking the view. I’m sure there was a valid reason to put a door here 50 years ago when our lovely mid-century ranch was built but I honestly have no clue what that reason is.
I took wonderful advice to heart years ago about living with what you don’t like for a little, you may find a reason to love it. This has come true several times over the last few years. But not this! We have had numerous conversations (arguments) about this door. It has been slammed more than any other door in my whole life.
Well today the subject came up again and after a few moments of tense discussion we avoided a death match and finally have a solution!!! 😀 While it won’t happen today or even next week, it will happen and the door will be gone!!!!


Oh for everything I love about our home, I can’t wait till it is gone!!!

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  1. February 27, 2016 6:20 pm

    I just want to say – lovely decor!! The tablecloth, punch bowl, pictures on the wall!!! ❤️ hope your door is gone!


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