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The rewards we get from our work.

February 23, 2015

We enjoy what we do. We enjoy working together (most of the time), we meet great people, learn a little about a family’s history and get to hang out in some cool houses. That’s not to say it is all fun and games – it is a job, after all.

But now and then, we get to be a part of something really fulfilling. That is the case with our most recent sale. In addition to having a wonderful and appreciative client, we were reminded that good things come from finding a new home for a family’s possessions. pianofordonation

This lovely lady got a great deal on a Baldwin piano. It won’t be going to her home though. She paid for it to be trucked to the VA hospital where her daughter will be playing it when she sings for the veterans staying there. This piano was once used for hours of practice and accompaniment of family carols at Christmas, it will now help to bring a little joy to hospitalized veterans. So much better than just letting a musical instrument gather dust in the corner.

babyclothesThese old baby clothes might not hold a lot of interest to anyone except a new mother or a grandmother. But to one shopper, the colors, textures and patterns of the clothes made them ideal to use to for quilting. We always look favorably on crafty shoppers that reuse or repurpose old items rather than letting them go to waste, but this instance was even more gratifying to us. This shopper’s mother will be creating beautiful quilts from the clothes for a charity. The charity will then give the quilts to families that are suffering through a serious illness or loss of a loved one. Comforters, indeed.

We really enjoy hearing how our shoppers intend to use the items we sell them – it makes our job even more rewarding.

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