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The Glamorous Life Of A Picker……..NOT!!!!

April 29, 2014

Since we last visited, Clay and I have been pretty darn busy. We have had a few folks contact us to look at their treasures and we bought a few. Gloves, hats, clothes, linens and more! It has been so much fun for us to meet new people and I even got to help one lovely lady get started on setting up her own Etsy shop. FUN FUN FUN!

Then there was the manic flea we set up at last weekend. I will be honest, our flea selling experience has been limited and dismal. We tried our luck at f leas that once were THE places to sell at in this area, but sadly our experiences were much more trouble than they were worth. However,  I was thrilled to be invited to sell at  The Gypsy Wagon Swap and Flea — a  flea I had shopped at many times in the past. I knew most of the vendors either personally or followed on social media. Still there was that inner panic and anxiety. If we don’t do better at this flea, this is it, I won’t do anymore.

The full week before our flea date at The Gypsy Wagon Swap and Flea was a roller coaster of weather forecasting.  No rain, Yes rain — but just a small chance, rain all day — to the really ugly chance of severe weather. I was a nut case up until the powers that be finally decided the day before that the flea will go on as scheduled. OK, lets do this!

With one eye on the ever-changing forecast and the other on packing sorting and pricing, we got it done. Up early, we got the car packed, the truck packed and away we went.

Then I kid you not folks, within minutes of finishing our set up it came — the feared storms blew through and not just a little rain and wind, but hail, lightening, thunder, the whole shebang. QUICK, get it all under the canopy!!!!! Thank goodness Clay and I had good folks around us, we all helped move each other’s stuff and sat and waited and hoped we wouldn’t be swept away or sucked up into the clouds.

My anxiety meter went off the charts at this point and I was ready to pack it up to skulk back home. But Clay and all those around us convinced me to get through this and move on. So move we did, after that last drop fell we hauled it all back out. A few minutes later, the sun came out, the customers came and all was right with the world. We got to meet so many of the folks we love from social media, new folks and even an unexpected fellow classmate and workmate.

All in all, despite the hardship of the hottest day of the year — when it was time to pack up what was left, it was a huge success. Clay and I were exhausted and sunburned but exhilarated at the end of it all.

A huge thanks to Salvagenation for the reference and to the Gypsy Wagon for the invite to what turned out to be an awesome day for Honey Stop The Car Vintage.


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