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The New Old Homestead Part One

March 22, 2013

How Mr. G and I ended up back in the hood……

Mr. G and I lived very close to each other several times in our lives way way before we were ever a couple. Both of us had moved to our previous city for the schools and our children’s education….like ya do for your kids. As our relationship progressed over the years we found ourselves over and over again in the old neighborhoods, shopping, dining and entertainment. Shortly after the last kid left the nest it slowly occurred to us that all we did was sleep in this house in a city neither of us cared much for and in a home we weren’t that inspired to fix up.
The hunt for a home started somewhat slowly. Mr. G and I started driving around the parts of the area we knew we liked. I did a few searches online and we pulled a few of those flyers from for sale signs. Well what do you know we could afford one of these gems and maybe even save money. Now let the stress and heartache begin.
We get the current home all spruced up, find an agent and take the advice from others. As we TRY to wait patiently (not one of my strengths) run out of the house every time we get a call someone wants to see the house and keep the house spotless we also house hunt. Thank goodness for the internet, I cant imagine house hunting without it. Wish I had taken pics of the few downers we viewed in person. I was shocked at what people were trying to sell. Seriously one home was a condemn worthy shell. Then there was the Pepto Bismal house, all original pink tile in kitchen and one bathroom, unfortunately not very good maintenance on that one and no utility room inside. (have you ever gone to the garage in the middle of a Texas summer to do laundry? HA NO!) Lastly the one I thought we would end up with had really bad 80’s bathroom makeovers.
Meanwhile, the current home luckily sold very quickly, the down side we hadn’t found one yet and the clock was ticking. We were already going to have to move all our worldly possessions to a storage unit and live in a hotel room for who knows how long.
This is where the previously mentioned bad 80’s bathroom makeovers came into play. We spent forever in this house going over all the pros and cons. This was pretty much it for the offerings at that time. Mr. G and I went home and to bed thinking this was the house we may end up with. We had talked ourselves into all the pros and out of the cons by the time we went to bed. Low and behold I was up before the chickens the next morning totally stressing over our impending choice. I get on one of those websites that feature homes for sale by zip code and such. I plug in all the desired specs for the umpteenth hundredth time……and there it is…..surely I’m seeing things in the fog of early morning before the coffee had fully kicked in…..Our dream home has popped back up on the internet.
This home was the very first one we tried to see but with in an hour of our appointment to view the home it went under contract. I was devastated at that news because we had been able to see in most of the windows of the home and new we loved it before crossing the threshold. My fingers couldn’t work fast enough to email our agent at I kid you not 5:30 am. Could it be true or someones colossal boo boo that it was back on the market????
As I wait to hear back from the agent and for Mr. G to rise from his peaceful slumber (men seem to be able to sleep through anything) I guzzle coffee and wring my hands waiting impatiently. A couple hours later the phone rings and to our extreme delight it isn’t a mistake the house is back on the market.



Stay Tuned for the rest of the story folks…..we just thought looking for a house was stressful…..hahahaha….a year later we can laugh.

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