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Another Salvage Addition……

February 25, 2013

This past weekend goes to show that the best laid plans sometimes don’t come to fruition. In this case that isn’t a bad thing. Mr. G and I after a great breakfast at an old diner headed out to a couple architectural salvage places to find clear glass cabinet knobs for our master bath.
The first place was somewhat of a bust with the exception of this epic piece…
If we had the space and a couple grand it would have been so going home with us. We were told it was taken out of a local home. Can you imagine if this piece could talk…….
Well to my great disappointment (not really) we headed to Ft. Worth for our second choice for home finds. Once again it was a bust because I cant see spending triple or quadruple for something that can possibly be found for a lot less with a little patience. (patience is another blog topic for the future) So Mr. G and I start wondering around checking out other possibilities. This place is truly the Holy Grail and has tons and tons of stuff. After considering other knobs, deciding the iron work pieces they had on hand didn’t speak to us we headed over to the building with doors and such. I have wanted a door that matched the time period of our home since day one, (original owner’s son installed a new one that stinks of chemicals) but he whom I love with all my heart has nixed it saying we have a perfectly good door. I browse around anyway hoping for define guidance to an irresistible deal. Mind you there many “little” things I would like to improve upon in our lovely dream home. One of those was our two sliding glass doors. They both had in my opinion horrendous vertical blinds and were the first thing I insisted be ripped out. Unfortunately the one in the master bedroom partially blocked out the industrial dusk to dawn light out in the backyard that gave our bedroom the lovely ambiance of an airport runway. OK, I will admit a bit of a mistake here so off to Wally World to get a curtain to block out the light when we moved in. Well in an attempt to make this shorter one thing led to another and the runway light was taken down eventually, but I digress. Back to the hunt after the front door hunt hit the skids again I was pretty much just wondering till I hear Mr. G beckoning me to see what he found. Okay Mr. G!!!!! Well Done!!!!!
After a bit of haggling we are coming home with these.
I can hardly contain the excitement and all the way home praying nothing will impede us getting these into the house. We get home and Mr. G gets right to it and I try not to badger and keep busy in the house. (my attempt at patience)
And finally folks here we have the alternative to such a tacky way of blocking out runway lights I was embarrassed to post a pic of it.
My pleasure with this addition was so over the moon. We think they were originally shutters for very large windows.
I was even more suprised at how from the outside it really made our little baby size patio look bigger and much more inviting.
The morale of this story…….remember that plan you have isn’t always what will happen folks….Thankfully.

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