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Architectural Salvage New Built In

February 12, 2013

The best/worst thing about having a new/old home is finding a spot for everything that has been accumulated/collected over 30+ years of adulthood. Mr. G and I are huge music lovers and we needed more attractive storage for all our CD’s.
My first inspiration was a chest of drawers the right size to hold them all. We found this lovely piece with Bakelite handles and Art Deco design at a local junk shop/house. Surprisingly it fit in the back seat of a Camry and I was able to haggle the shopkeeper down a few bucks.

Well after cleaning it up and Mr. G uses his mastery of the english alphabet to get all the CD’s unpacked and sorted into the drawers imagine our disappointment when we realize the dang drawers are so heavy it is almost impossible to slide them open. Well pooooo, back to the drawing board.

I had been perusing the internet for home salvage sites for a while. Finally a few weekends later we had the time to check one out. Talk about vintage sensory overload. It was acres of doors, metal trim, sinks stoves and more. We must have walked around that place for more than a hour and just when we thought we had seen enough there it was, a built in bookshelf torn out of a home and waiting for us to find it. Now this wasn’t cheap by any means, so the should we and shouldn’t began. Where would we put it, can we afford it etc. Mr G always the voice of reason says lets go home and think about it. I’m a bit frantic fearing it wont be there long.

Hours later we haven’t spoken of it. I cant get it out of my mind and finally ask and Mr. G is all like that thing is huge how would we get it home. I’m all like no clue lets just buy it and figure the rest out later. Not the direction Mr. G wants to head. A little while later calmer heads prevail (a.k.a. Mr. G), we take measurements and head back to see if it will work.

EEEEE!!!!! It will fit and I haggle once again and get 75 bucks knocked off the price. (I love to haggle as you will see in the future) We rent a truck from Home Depot at a very decent rate I may add. It gets home in one piece and there it sits for a good couple months before we have time to mess with it.

Finally Mr. G has time to sand a little, mend a little, buys a little trim and paint. I’m fairly giddy with anticipation to get this thing into the house. If you cant tell yet I’m not that great at waiting.

Okay!!!!! We are getting closer it is at least in the house. Mr. G gets it all sanded mended and trimmed out……what do you mean it isn’t getting painted tonight. BAH!!!!!

So I wait another day barely able to stand it. Mr. G gets it painted and it is all finished. By the time he gets finished I honestly think it looks like it came with the house and not only were we able to get all the CD’s but the DVD’s also, plus a bit of memorabilia.


And now I can breath and go obsess about something else.

See ya Folks

Come by and visit the shop anytime

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  1. February 26, 2013 3:19 pm

    My gosh, And I thought *we* had a lot of dvds! This is some collection.


    • February 26, 2013 8:21 pm

      You see now why we needed something special to store all the movies and music.


  2. March 29, 2013 2:58 pm

    So cool! I love that bit of scalloped trim across the top. So sweet.


    • April 9, 2013 6:52 pm

      Oh Gosh I just discovered this comment. Just about our whole house is trimmed in this gingerbread type scallop inside.


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