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Old Friends

October 15, 2012

I must give props to my husband Mr. G for this blog. The contents here with in would not have been possible if not for his wonderful gift to me. We had a very dear friend of mine to our home for a visit. “Lolly” and I grew up in a lower middle class neighborhood of Dallas. We lost touch many years ago and thanks to technology and Facebook we reconnected a few years ago. Since then we have met up a couple times somewhat on the fly. A quick meeting here and there. But this time it was a solid two days of just friends.

Music, memories and laughter, the same as when we were kids. We would spend hours in her house pilfering her brother David’s albums. Frozen orange juice concentrate straight from the can was our Slurpee when we couldn’t collect enough pop bottles to turn in for money. Along with another friend we skipped school and got caught. Lolly was a friend who never judged me, she was a safe haven from an abusive mother and a lesson in how families really interacted. No matter how many times her lovely parents found me at their home I was never run off to my own house. I was able to witness how parents should act towards kids and witness what a loving couple truly was as they left in the evening to go dancing together.

From our imaginations running amok in the playhouse out back, to the trampoline a couple blogs away and the trees that lined our street we were inseparable for a few years until a job transfer tore her away from the old hood. I was inconsolable for a long time and still feel the pain of the parting today. I have thought of many friends over the years wondering where they had ended up in life but never as much as Lolly. Despite everything we have been through in our adult lives she is still the same girl. Humor was and is a mainstay in her life and she almost succeeded in causing the same sort of accidents that would send me home as a youngster to change my clothes.

I have had the good fortune to move back near the old neighborhood, she lives in another state. It was a magical weekend having her here and memories that will last till the next visit. Hopefully the next wont take decades to occur.

Lolly you are a true treasure. To our partner in truancy, may she rest in piece, I know she was smiling down on us the last couple days.


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