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Estate Sale Adventures

October 3, 2012

Since I have started hitting weekly estate sales I have had a mishap or two among all the fun. And this week I about had a throw down with a rude ole bat.

Mr. G and I had come upon this sale purely by accident while running errands one rare Friday morning Mr. G had off work. (Hence you may see the correlation to my blog and shop name) We scoped out the neighborhood and saw the line already to the curb. Mr. G not feeling all that patient this morning opted for us going to have a coffee first instead of waiting in line and had a nice convo with the cafe dude about tower speakers.  Upon our return we entered the house then almost wish we hadn’t. The smell was so foul it was a little difficult to concentrate on what you were looking for. I had noticed all the signs of rules as we entered but yet no warning of the pet smell. (No coveted linens will be purchased at this sale)

Well I’m nothing short of a trooper so onward to the kitchen, usually my first stop. Mr. G heads for the garage then hunts for albums. From the kitchen there was an awesome wet bar with gold foil wallpaper with blue flowers, really should have snapped a couple of pics. I notice in the formal living a pair of end tables, these we don’t need but aren’t they unique looking.  Moving along I finish the rest of the home and track down Mr. G to see what he has found. He isn’t impressed and is ready to go. I have found a few little things and I’m waiting in line while Mr. G looks out in the backyard. Again I see the end tables. Humph, I say to myself those really are cool looking, I look a little closer at the front, there are these retro geometric shapes covers in the front. I think they are covers for doors to a cabinet in the table but no handle to be found. How odd?? I finally squat down and stick my finger into a hole of the cover. OH!!!!! They aren’t cabinet doors they are stereo speaker covers!!!!!! Oh jeepers where is Mr. G???? I’m practically dancing in place when he shows back up and I tell him about the speakers. Twenty bucks a piece……as we inch forward in line we are discussing, is it worth it, can they be hooked up to our current stereo, we have perfectly good speakers now…..and on and on till we come to the moment of reckoning check out time. OK we get ’em….BAH it is cash only and we don’t have enough. Mr. G leaves to go get cash while I guard the speakers.

Here is the catch, one of the signs I mentioned before said no holds or saving stuff you want. You want it you buy it right then. I’m a nervous wreck someone will want the speakers before Mr. G gets back with the cash. Murphy’s Law, nobody else wants something till you do at an estate sale. I wait and I wait, studying everyone in line, don’t look nothing here to see….LOL. While I’m waiting I hear several people ask about a pile behind the cashier, her response every time “I don’t know there are no holds or saving”. A moment or two later I hear a voice say “hey that’s mine” and as I turn around she snatches an item out of a preteen boys hands as his mother looks on. Really???? No Way??? Did I just see that??? The mother is standing there mouth hanging open seemingly speechless. Well my mommy instincts kick in and I proceed to tell the old bag she had no right to do that and she needs to read the rules and abide by them or bring someone to help her like I do. “Oh you mean your unemployed husband that has to go get cash”. Now I’m the one speechless, I turn to look at the cashier about that time my husbands gets there and being a southern lady and respecting people older than myself I didn’t smack the “old bat”.

The “old bat” checks out and starts hauling her pile to the car. I mention the incident to the cashier and she says the lady is a valued repeat customer she couldn’t say anything. I’m Sorry???? Rules Are Rules.

Well at any rate we got the awesome speakers and away we went. At home I wasn’t about to let those things in my house till they were cleaned and free of pet smell.

Feast your eyes on the glorious addition to our mid century castle.

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  1. April 7, 2014 2:10 am

    lov your web site sounds like me… we r old.. have some stuff, easy to get along with.. do u have a address or other means to get in touch with… bill n joyce


    • May 24, 2014 2:34 pm

      I’m sorry this comment was never responded to. It went into my SPAM folder and I’m admittedly bad about checking that folder. Thank you for stopping by our blog and I hope you enjoy our future adventures.

      Diane and Clay
      Honey Stop The Car Vintage


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